Frequently Asked questions

More than one-half of our Owners live within one of our sixteen (16) Neighborhood Associations.
These sub- Associations are either Homeowner or Condo Associations with their own Covenants,
Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and Rules and Regulations. These Neighborhood
Associations are identified in the Community’s website. Owners living within these
Neighborhood Associations pay their quarterly assessments of the Master Association directly to
their Neighborhood Association, who then is responsible for paying the Master. All other Owners
pay directly to the Master Association, i.e., Alliant Property Management. Coupons for these
quarterly assessments are mailed to all Owners NOT living within a Neighborhood Association in
December of each year. Quarterly payments are due and payable on Jan. 1, April 1, July 1 and
Oct. 1 of each year. A Direct Debit Form is enclosed so your dues can be paid automatically from
your bank account each quarter to avoid any late payment penalties. Please complete and return
the form as soon as possible to the address provided.

Recycling and yard wastes are collected every Thursday and trash collection is every Friday. In
the event of a Holiday during the week, collections are moved back one (1) day to Friday and
Saturday. Recycling collection containers (blue wheeled boxes) are provided by Waste Pro. Their
number is 239-337-0800.

Any exterior changes to your home and/or property, including significant landscaping changes
(including tree removal) requires Design Review Committee approval. The Design Review
Committee typically meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 3:00 PM at the Club at Gateway
and is open to the Owners. Design review change forms are located on the Community website
and are to be submitted to Alliant Property Management by the Friday preceding the Wed.
Committee meeting. All forms can be submitted on-line.

Basic bulk Cable TV and Internet service from Comcast is included in your regular quarterly
assessment effective July 1, 2020. Additional services, including telephone and channel offerings
can be purchased directly from Comcast by calling 800-XFINITY or visiting All
Owners in Gateway Greens should have received an update from both Comcast and the Master
Association the first week of July, 2020.

Potable water, wastewater, irrigation (reuse) and storm water sewer service issues and billings
are the responsibility of the Gateway Services Community Development District (CDD). The
District can be contact at 239-561-1313 or visit their website at

Access Control in our Community is managed by our Access Control Team and Weiser Security
Services, whose officers attend the Main and Westlinks Gates. The Association’s new Entry
System, Dwelling Live, is under the management of our individual Resident Owners. Each Owner
is responsible for activating their Dwelling Live account and entering their guests and vendors
and vehicle registration information. All Owners are encouraged to go to the Community
website and activate their accounts. If you do not have your password for Dwelling Live, you can contact our Access Control Staff at [email protected] and request this information.

Parking on all streets within the Gateway Greens community is prohibited from midnight to 6:00
AM. Owners needing to park on the street during these hours can obtain a temporary permit
from the Main Gate in person or by going to [email protected]. Violators will be towed
at their own expense.

Pets must always be leashed and cannot be left outside or unattended on your property whether
in the lanai or fenced areas. Pet wastes must be picked up and disposed of properly by all pet

Owners of property in Gateway Greens, regardless of their Neighborhood Association rules,
cannot lease or rent their property more than three (3) times in any calendar year, nor can leases
or rental be for less than 30 days. Each lease or rental, in addition to any Neighborhood
Association requirement, requires the approval by the Master Association’s management
company, Alliant in advance of the lease or renter taking occupancy. Until the Owner has an
approved Notice of Lease form approved by Alliant, the tenant will not receive an entry pass
to the community. Owners desiring to lease or rent their property should contact Alliant at 239-
454-1101 for any questions.

All properties within Gateway Greens, whether or not in a Neighborhood Association, must be in
compliance with the Association’s Governing Documents, Rules and Regulations. All properties
are inspected monthly by our Property Management firm, Alliant, for violations of our Covenants,
such as the cleanliness of roofs and driveways, proper landscaping and maintenance thereof,
concealment of trash containers, etc. Violators will receive a Notice of Violation, and if not timely
corrected, will be subject to fining

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