Design Review Committee(DRC) Request Application Form

The Declarations require that an owner must obtain the prior written approval of the Design Review Committee (DRC) for ANY exterior alteration or addition to property within Gateway Greens.

To comply with the Declarations, please complete this form and forward a detailed drawing or blueprint of the proposed alteration to the review committee.

The DRC meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Applications must be received no later than noon on the 2nd Monday of the month to be considered at that meeting. Any application received after noon on the 2nd Monday will be considered at the following month’s DRC meeting. Work may not commence before receiving DRC approval.

If you have any questions regarding the process please reference the Resource Center.


Please provide a detailed description of the desired alteration or addition below. Please see the Design Review Manual for specific submission and design requirements in each neighborhood. If you have drawings, surveys, photographs or other documentation, please submit those items as well. Thank you.

Your DRC change request has been received. A member of the DRC will be in touch as soon as the committee has had an opportunity to review your proposed project.

Thank You.

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Please complete the following fields and then select Submit. Contact information is required so we may contact you with the necessary follow-up.